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Double Up on Favors & Escort Cards

For most brides it’s tough coming up with a way to do your escort cards (which is different from a place card) …


  • Escort Card: These let your guests know which TABLE they are to sit at. This is usually given out during the cocktail hour or right before they enter the reception area.
  • Place Card: These are used to let your guests know which SEAT at a TABLE they are to sit at.

What do we do? How do we do it? Most common escort cards are the little tent cards with guest name and table number listed on it. Simple and functional. What else is there? Depending on a brides theme, one can come up with many different ways to do this. We’ve seen beach themed weddings where sand dollars are sitting in a tray of sand with the guest information hand written on the sand dollar. What about mini picture frames with the guest info inside the frame, perfectly lined up in alphabetical order? Easy enough.

Now what about favors? There are so many things you can do for favors. You can give them out at the place setting of the guest or on their way out. From candy to picture frames to candles to donations made in the guests name there are so many options on how a bride & groom can show their appreciation for their guests.

The idea in this article, however, is to double up and make the favors and guest cards ONE element. This tends to become very creative and artistic and I love seeing how my couples make this happen.

This was one of my faves. Ashley & Matt had mason jars filled with jelly beans of their wedding colors as favors. Attached to the jars with green ribbon was a tag with the guest info attached. Sweet.

Keepin’ cool in the Florida heat. Erin & Dustin gave out fans as favors (with their names and wedding date on them). Holding the fans to the rope were clothespins; on each was the guests name and table number, in green for the men and in orange for the women – to keep with their theme.

Champagne glasses as favors with their escort cards inside.

Garden theme wedding. Favors were lil’ shovels with guest info attached with ribbon. 🙂

Ooooh so cute! Lollipops with guest info printed on them as favors/escort cards.

Super cute NYC theme with cab toy cars as favors and the guest info on a card!

Shot glasses with candy wrapped up inside as favors with table number and info attached.

So as you see these are just a few ways brides have gotten creative. It saves money and time to do a double whammy. What do you think and what have you done? Share with us. We’d love to know!



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